Father's Day Meal Box

$75.00 plus tax

The Picnic Box contains cold items. Meat should be re-heated to 165 degrees for 15 seconds before eating.

All items should be held at 40 degrees or below until ready to re-heat.

Meal Box Includes:
1 pound pulled pork and 4 buns
1 pound sliced brisket and 4 buns
1 full rack of baby back ribs
1 quart of your choice of 2 sides: mac & cheese, mash & gravy, skillet-fried corn, country pole beans, baked beans, German potato salad, Irish coleslaw

The deadline to submit your Father's Day order is Saturday, June 20th, 2020
All orders must be picked up by 7 pm.

Call the restaurant when you come to pick up your order