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Holiday Ordering

Meal kits include freshly baked dinner rolls and are $70.00 plus tax. 
Serves approximately 6-8 people

The deadline to submit your Christmas order is December 18th. Please allow a week notice for any order before Christmas. Every order is fully cooked so pick it up, heat it up, and enjoy time with your family!

Additional items can be purchased for the prices listed on the menu below. 

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Requested Information

What day would you like to pick up your order?
December 2019
What time would you like to pick up your order?
What entree would you like? (Additional Entree prices are listed below)
What three sides would you like? (Additional Sides are 5.00 per pound)
What dessert would you like? (Additional Desserts are 24.00 each)
Haggis is available for additional price. Please indicate what you would like.
Pierogies are available for $16/dozen. Please indicate how many you would like.
Would you like any additional sides, entrees, or items for your order?

Holiday Menu

Place your order and pick it up the day before your event. Re-heating instructions are included.

Meal Kit

Meal kits are $70.00 this includes: 1 entree, 3 sides, 1 dessert and fresh baked dinner rolls. Serves approximately 6-8 people.

Holiday Meal Kit$70.00


Additional entrees can be purchased for the prices listed below.

Smoked Whole Turkey$50.00

Smoked Whole Goose$50.00

Smoked Whole Chicken$25.00

Oven Roasted Spiral Sliced Ham$40.00

Sliced Brisket ($12 per pound)

Roast Beef$50.00


Additional sides are $5.00 per pound

Macaroni & Cheese

Country Pole Beans

Skillet Fried Corn

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Roasted Potatoes & Carrots

Candied Yams


Additional desserts are $24.00 each.

Bread Pudding$24.00

Apple Pie$24.00

Coconut Cake$24.00

Pecan Pie$24.00

Sawdust Pie$24.00

Dundee Cake$24.00


Carolina Sauce$10.00

Sweet and tangy mustard BBQ sauce with a hint of ginger and bacon.

Mama's KY Red Sauce$10.00

Sweet and classic BBQ sauce, like your Mama.

Burnin' Down The Outhouse$10.00

Homemade hot sauce with ghost pepper, habanero, and serrano peppers. 

Evil Dickens$10.00

Homemade hot sauce made with charred jalapenos and habaneros.

Meliciously Delicious Spice Rub$8.00

Pierogies by the dozen$12.00

Traditional Haggis (1lb)$16.00

Traditional Haggis (2lb)$32.00

Traditional Haggis (5lb)$60.00

Celtic Pig T-Shirt$15.00

Available in yellow, black, and red.